Coming Home

Jon in his study working and Zinnia of course.

I glanced into Jon’s study as I walked by.  There he was, just where he’s supposed to be, sitting at his computer working.  And there was Zinnia too, as always, right beside him.

It’s been a whirlwind around here,  I have to stop and think how many days it’s actually been since Jon and I went to the ER then the hospital.

Or maybe it doesn’t really matter. Time shifts when things like this happen, it’s no longer predictable.  Days vary in length, minutes can last for hours, and hours can evaporate into a dull fog.

Of course, Jon still has healing to do.  After getting home from the hospital yesterday afternoon, we vowed to take it easy for the rest of the weekend.

The first thing Jon did when we got back to the farm was take pictures of the flowers in his garden.  Even before going in the house. Today we were back at the Farmers Market where Jon bought a beautiful pink peony.

Jon tells me that writing and taking pictures is relaxing to him.  I get that.  I feel that way about drawing and making potholders.

I took a long walk in the woods this afternoon.   We each have our way of making that adjustment, of bringing ourselves back home, back to everyday life.

That’s part of the healing.

I made a pot of pea soup for dinner and we’ll both do some reading before bed. Maybe even watch a mystery on Britbox, Vera, or Inspector Lewis.  One of those smart but predictable mysteries, where we don’t have to worry about what will happen at the end.

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