I’m Making More Coneflower And Bee Potholders


The Coneflower and Bee Potholders that I still have to mail out.

Today felt to me like the first normal day since Jon went into the hospital.  I was back in my studio working, the door open, the dogs alternating between sitting in the doorway and being outside.

I got some of the Coneflower and Bee Potholders in the mail and have all but one sold.  So I decided to make another batch since so many people wanted them.

The people who did want to buy them have been kind about my slow email responses.  They understood that it was not business as usual here on the farm or in my studio.  So thank you for that.

Tomorrow I’ll work on tacking my quilt Blue Earth, which is also sold.

Bud in the doorway of my studio today.

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