The Third Quilt For Ellen

The Third Quilt

I didn’t quite finish it, but I’m almost done designing the Third Quilt for Ellen.   I’ll write more about it next week, for now, this picture is going to have to do.

It’s Friday evening and I’m worn out from the week.  Soon Jon and I will pick up pizza from the Shift Woodfired Pizza food truck and a bottle of wine from Black Dog Wines and Liquors, both just five minutes away.   We’ll have a quiet night reading and maybe watching a mystery.

I’ll be sure to post a picture of me in my Bellydancing outfit before leaving the house on Sunday.  See you then.

4 thoughts on “The Third Quilt For Ellen

  1. I love the little patchwork like areas you place inside your quilts. They are like quilts within quilts . I find them precious and love to admire their details. All the quilts in this series are quite lovely, Maria.

    1. I see what you mean Lois about them being quilts inside quilts, I think it’s because of the way I work on them. Each time I sew another piece of fabric on, it has to look like a complete piece to me.

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