Making Mushrooms For My Raven

on of my mushrooms

I got home from Bishop Gibbons just in time to bring the sheep and donkeys to the pasture and feed the dogs.   Jon was out buying T-shirts for the Mansion and food shopping for us.

I went to my studio, but my head was spinning from the drive to Schenectady and working on the sewing machines in Sue’s classroom.  It was already late in the afternoon, I could easily have spent the rest of the day blogging and making dinner,  but when I looked at the painted mushrooms I made yesterday, I wanted to work on them.

So I set my timer and laid down on my studio floor.  Back flat, arms at my side, in Savasana or the Corpse Pose as my Yoga teachers called it.  It’s a good way to rest the body, a surrender.

When the crickets  on my timer chipped ten minutes later I was ready.

It’s just practice I told myself, and that along with my 10 minute surrender loosened me up enough to stitch six mushrooms, five that I was happy with.

A Chanterelle mushroom

One was on a dark green fabric and one a light green.  Three were on the back of a white piece of fabric with the ferns on the front.  The ferns are pale enough to create a background that doesn’t  compete with my mushrooms.

My mushroom drawings  all come from the mushroom photos I’ve taken on my walks in the woods and posted on my blog.

I thought the mushroom on the white blackings with the ferns worked best with the Raven.  I painted a few more on that fabric and will stitch those tomorrow  before making a final choice of which mushrooms I will use.

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