The Standing Raven And Mushroom In My “Raven” Quilt

Saturday morning I woke up thinking about my Raven Quilt.  I had done some work on it and at that moment I knew it wasn’t right.

So Saturday afternoon I went to my studio and took apart what I had done the day before.  Then I laid out some fabric that felt good to me.  It all came about quickly, but I didn’t have time to sew it all together.

On Sunday I woke again thinking about my quilt.

This time I saw one of the mushrooms I had made when working on my Raven fabric painting.  It didn’t make it into that piece, but I knew it would be perfect for my quilt.

The mushroom,  ( the color isn’t quite right, I’ll try again tomorrow when the light is better)

I only got to my studio after lunch because I was busy mailing out my Flour Sack Potholders in the morning.  But when I got there, I didn’t have to think about what to do next, the fabric was already laid out on my floor.

Standing Raven

Next, it was time for the standing Raven and the mushroom.  They needed to be grounded on the bottom of this section of the quilt.

I wanted to keep working, but it was time to feed the animals, and I knew I wouldn’t get back to my studio.  So I stayed just long enough to lay out the next step….

My Raven Quilt is sold.

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