My Raven Quilt and Another Of Suzy’s Shawls Sold

There was a lot of excitement on the farm today since we let Zip out of his crate.  And this evening, instead of going to my Bellydancing Class we’re having our annual potluck dinner.  For the past six years, I brought fruit to every dinner and Hafla.

But this year I made borscht.

I just got done putting the beets, onions, and broth that have been simmering all day in the blender.  I’ll top it with sour cream.

In between I sold another of Suzy’s Shawls. This time to a regular blog reader who asked me to let her know when Suzy had a blue shawl.

Suzy sent me a picture of her blue and soft rose Shawl.   Judy loved it.  I’ll have another of Suzy’s shawls for sale tomorrow.

I also finished piecing together my Raven Quilt.

It’s another busy day tomorrow.  I’ll be picking up some fabric for both me and Sue Silverstein’s sewing class from a friend and supporter of the Army of Good.  But with Zip quickly acclimating to the farm, I think I should have a good chunk of time in my studio to work on the backing of my Raven quilt.

Suzy’s shawl that sold today.

4 thoughts on “My Raven Quilt and Another Of Suzy’s Shawls Sold

  1. I would love to see the shawls on their new owners to see how they wrap on a real body over real clothing. They are exquisite… and your raven quilt is truly a wonderful work of art. How sweet to sleep with the ravens in the woods.

    1. I like that Nancy, to sleep with Ravens in the woods….
      I don’t ave any photos of Suzy’s shawls on the people who have bought them Nancy. But if anyone who has bought one would like to send a photo, that would be lovely!

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