Zip’s Barn

I moved Zip’s food bowl from inside his crate onto the hay bales.  The crate is on the floor and it’s too easy for Zinnia or Fate to gobble up his food before Zip can get to it.

This is where I used to feed Minnie.

Anyway, since we let him out this morning I haven’t seen Zip in his crate except to eat.  He has been sitting guard at the barn door for most of the day.  And I imagine he’s found a new place to do his business beside the kitty litter box.

He got out some too.  Jon saw him chase on of the hens.  But when the hen stopped running he lost interest.  He came out to see the donkeys, but when Lulu stomped her foot he ran back in the barn.

At feeding time he walked right up to Zinnia and rubbed his head on Zinnia’s nose.  Zinnia just stood there. I think she’s getting used to him.

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