Bud And The Raven Pillow

Unlike Fate and Zinnia, Bud gets to sleep anywhere he wants in the Living room.  We will make him move if he’s lying where we want to sit, but there’s plenty of human and dog furniture for him to retreat to.

Last night he cuddled up next to the Raven Pillow I made for Jon.  Bud sees the Ravens in the maple all the time when he’s out in the yard, so why not when he’s in the house too.

2 thoughts on “Bud And The Raven Pillow

    1. It’s a good question Trish. I think it’s both. It seems like he was just born to lay around on the furniture and he’s hard to reisit. We never really talked about it, it just happened. And he really just acts like it’s his right. :)

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