Making Zip Potholders

Nine of the ten Zip Potholders I stitched and painted this weekend.  As always I stitched and painted each one so they are all slightly differnt.

I only got to my studio once last week.  But I found I couldn’t work.  I wasn’t ready.  So instead I cleaned it up.  I put away the fabric left on my worktable from making my Raven quilt.  I swept the floor and emptied the trash.

But by Saturday I needed to do some work.  It’s one of the ways I come back to myself.   And I knew just what I wanted to do.

I already had a drawing that I’d made two weeks ago.  It was inspired by the photo I took of Zip peeking under the barn door, just after we let him out of the crate.

Now I just had to translate it using my sewing machine, fabric and paint.

First I did all the stitching except his whiskers.

I used permanent marker to fill in and highlight his pupils.

Then came the paint.  That part was more fun than I expected.

I had to wait a day for it to dry before I could add the whiskers.   This morning I ironed the painted part, which sets the paint and makes it permanent.   Now it can be washed in cold water.

Then I stitched the whiskers.

I made ten in all.  A few are already spoken for, but once I finish making them into actual Potholders, I’ll be selling them in my Etsy Shop.  They will be $30 + $5 shipping.  I think they might be popular as Christmas gifts, so I can see making more.

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