Zip On The Back Porch

Zip found the wicker chair on the back porch. The same chair that Minnie loved to sleep in, sometimes cuddled up with Flo and later by herself.

Last night when I parted the curtain to close the bathroom window, there was Zip, the white triangle of his nose glowing in the moonlight, over the arm of the chair.  He was looking right at me.

“Well, hello Zip,” I said through the screen,  “I see you found the comfy chair.”

The day before he had jumped up on my lap while I sat reading in that same chair.  But this was the first time I saw him there by himself.

It wasn’t a surprise really,  of course, he would be there.  It’s what cats do, find the softest coolest, or warmest (depending on the weather) place to sleep.

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