8 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 10/2/23

  1. Boy, you have a lot of crunchy leaves on the ground already! Looking forward to some nice fall weather and colors!

    1. I hope we get the colors Donna. The maples seem to be turning brown and dropping. But maybe some of the other trees will change more slowly…

  2. I love the monday morning from the farm. For me ( curiously) I enjoy peeking in the chicken house.

    Zip seems to be acclimating well,

  3. At the beginning I heard rather than saw the crunch of leaves underneath your feet. It had led me to believe your leaf drop was well ahead of mine, shouldn’t be. And later I saw it was mainly under one tree in the yard. What seems accurate is that one tree is well ahead of others. I have those prickly single seeds of Queen Anne’s Lace all over my pants. There were a few stalks I did not get out in time.

    1. Yes, Sharon, our birch is now leafless and the maples are beginning to drop their leaves. I think there will be a lot of them this year.

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