Zip, Following Jon, Hiding In The Shadows


As Jon wanders the farm, taking pictures of the flowers, Zip follows him closely.  When Jon sits under the apple tree, Zip comes for a visit.

But he will just as quickly vanish if something more important (like a chipmunk or a leaf in the wind) catches his attention.

At times Zip seems to appear from nowhere.

Hidden in the gardens or the shadows he easily disappears.  When I go into the barn he sneaks up behind me.  I wondered about the camouflage of a black cat.  I always thought a calico or tabby was better suited for a barn cat.  But Zip is as stealthy as any barn cat I’ve ever had.

He’s also smart enough to endear himself to both Jon and myself.  But especially Jon, who needs to be persuaded by cats, where I like them all.

Zip potholders

I started making another batch of Zip Potholders today. Eight of the ten I started last week have already sold.

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