Suzy’s Shawls

Jackie sent me this photo of Suzy’s Shawl “September Sun” draped over the railing on her deck with her cat close by.

And Lisa, who bought “Shawl of Smiles“, wrote that she uses “one of the shawls from Suzy as a bed shawl but it is very pastel. This will be the one for fall and winter. I have two others in the great room on my reading chairs.”

Of course, I thought as I read Lisa’s message, Suzy’s shawls should be displayed when not being worn as Lisa has done.

The essence of wearable art.

I’ll be selling another of Suzy’s shawls this week. She wrote me that she has two more that are almost ready.  One is off-white with a splash of yellow and the other is tan, gray, and off-white.

Suzy’s dog Bruce, who keeps her company when she is working on her shawls.

2 thoughts on “Suzy’s Shawls

  1. Thankyou Lisa and Jackie for the feedback and kind words! I love seeing your shawls in their new home. Much love to you Maria❤️

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