This Morning


The days are damp with mist every morning. The grass is carpeted with soggy leaves from the maples,  and still more cling to their branches.

Cool in the morning, summer hot in the afternoon.   As I sit writing this, I see waving shadows from the fabric drying on line.  I’ll use it in my Woodland Animal quilt for Kathy.

I think of the picture that Suzy sent me last night of her next shawl,  how even with all the natural whites it reminds me of the night sky.

Bud and Zinnia sit together in my studio doorway looking out, waiting for an Amish buggy to go by so they can bark at it.

I hear the coo of pigeons, the chatter of a murmuration of starlings, the swish of a car and the touch of one leaf falling on another.

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