Suzy’s “Yellow Butterfly” Shawl Is Sold

Suzy’s Shawl, Yellow Butterfly is 18″x68″ and is $175 + $15 shipping you can buy it here.

Suzy sent me a photo of her latest Shawl last night.   It was only when I looked at the picture this morning that I thought of the dream I had of the yellow butterflies in the yellow room.

Suzy’s shawl has the same glow and softness, the variations of yellow, and even a hint of the monarch butterfly wings in the stripe of the darker mix of colors.

Now I’m thinking that Suzy’s shawl inspired the yellows in my dream.  A dream of warmth and renewal.

So I’ve decided to call it Yellow Butterfly.

Suzy hand spins and hand knits all of her shawls.  The mohair she uses comes from her angora goats, April, Alice, Ruth, and Lucy.  She also uses roving from some of her favorite fiber artists.

After Suzy finished a shawl, she washes it in a natural solution to make it even softer.

Yellow Butterfly is 18″x68″ and is $175 + $15 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here or you can email me at [email protected].  I take checks, PayPal and Venmo. 

Suzy’s Angora goats

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