Making A Raven Pillow

Working on my Raven Pillow

I still have a few Ravens that I painted and stitched from when I made my Raven fabric painting and then my Raven quilt.

Today I looked through them and found two that I thought would make good pillows.

I wasn’t quite sure what kind of fabric I wanted to go with my Raven.  But I knew when I found it in my stash I’d know it was right.

And that’s just what happened.  I found two pieces of fabric that had the feeling I was looking for.  Both had a mystical quality to them.  And the colors were just right.

This Raven worked perfectly with my second choice.

It was a square of fabric that looked like it could have been a small table covering.  It was stained in some places so I cut those parts off.   Having less to fabric to choose from made it easier to design.

I still have to stuff the pillow.  I’ll do that tomorrow and put it up for sale in my Etsy Shop.  It’s about 17″ square and will be $90 + shipping.

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