A Wool Weekend At Bedlam Farm

I was throwing the ball for Fate and Zinnia when a rainbow arched over the pasture.  As I looked up Biddy, Socks and Suzy were looking back at me.

It will be a wool weekend at Bedlam Farm.

On Saturday Ian will come and shear five of the ten sheep in my flock.  The wool is only long enough for shearing on Kim, Constance, Merricat, Lori and Robin.  I’ll save their wool in plastic bags and bring it to the mill when I have all ten sheep shorn next May.

And on Sunday Jon and I will go to the Vermont Fiber Mill and pick up the wool I dropped off in the spring.

Because I had so much wool this year it took longer to process.  But the timing is still good for winter knitting and spinning.

I’m planning on posting my wool for sale on my blog and in my Etsy Shop on Tuesday.   I’ll also be making dryer balls during the week.  I have a long list of people who asked for them, so I’ll be working off of that list and if I have extra I’ll sell them in my Etsy Shop.

As always I’m excited to get my wool back.  I never know what the colors will quite look like since the dye lots vary as does the color of the natural wool that is being dyed.  But I’ve never been disappointed with the yarn and roving I get from Deb at the mill.  And since so many of you buy my wool (Thank you!) I imagine it means you’re happy with it too.

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