Jazz At Jacko’s, My Friend Mandy On The Drums

It seemed like everything I had planned for the week got cancelled or postponed. These kinds of changes used to bother me.  But ever since Covid I’m learning to take things as they come.  I don’t actually believe I’ll be doing something anymore until I’m actually doing it.

I’ve learned that when something gets cancelled it opens a space for something else to happen.  Usually it that I get more time in my studio, but this week it was a visit to a museum with Jon and listening to live Jazz at Jack0’s

Since it rained all day Saturday, we didn’t have the sheep shorn.  As Ian our shearer said, “It’s no fun shearing wet sheep.”  Along with the shearing, Ian was staying for dinner.  But since we postponed it all until Tuesday, we were able to go and see my friend Mandy playing the drums with the Jazz band she’s a part of.  Her partner Dave got the band going.  He plays bass and they always have another musician with them.  This time it was a pianist.

Mandy and I have been having lunch together once a week or so for over ten years.  Other people have been a part of our lunches at times, but now it’s just the two of us every other week and I feel like we are closer for it.

Mandy started playing the drums about two years ago.    So many of the the issues and triumphs Mandy tells me about learning to play drums I can relate to because of my learning to dance.  Starting something so new at this time in our lives gives us one more thing in common.

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