Time For Hay?

Asher with a mouthful of hay

I know I said I wasn’t going to feed the sheep hay until after I had them shorn.  But since Ian couldn’t shear the sheep on Saturday because of the rain, I decided to see how hungry they really were.

I don’t want to be depriving them of food, so I put some hay out this morning before going to pick up my wool in Vermont.

The sheep and donkeys ran to the feeders gobbling up hay.  But halfway through they left for the back pasture.  They’d still rather be grazing.

I think the donkeys ate most of the hay.  I may give them a little more tomorrow morning, but I can see there is still enough grass for the animals to eat.

Socks wore more hay than she ate. The older ewes were the first to leave the feeders for the pasture.

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