A Better Reality

It was cold enough last night to kill all the plants that didn’t die the night before. Not even the mum that is growing in my garden survived.  The only thing that lived was a geranium in a pot on the porch.  I dug it up and brought it inside this afternoon.

It was cold enough to leave the car in a layer of frost.

Jon and I left the farm early this morning to go to an appointment with his foot surgeon.  A one month check-up after the surgery on his toe.  We sat in the car waiting for the windshield to defrost.  As it did I took the picture above.

To me it had the feeling of coming out of a dream.

We’ve been doing this routine for years, seeing Dr Daly who treats Jon’s feet.  Every time we thought he his foot was healing it turned out that it actually wasn’t.  It wasn’t until Jon suggested amputating his toe and getting a brace that things began to get better.

Today, Dr Daly had big smiles.  She said Jon’s foot looks great and he doesn’t have to come back for another three months.

This time we knew it was all fine, but it was even better to hear her say it.

In a way, it’s like that picture I took this morning, like we’re emerging from one reality to another.  And this one feels better.

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