Circles In The Woods

Someone’s web on a leaf

I tell myself I’m only going for a short walk.  But I know if I go to my neighbors woods It will be at least an hour.   I start by walking a shorter path, but there is always a longer way to go and I can’t resist.

Even when it’s cold and damp like today, after walking a bit I crave how the bare skin on my face and fingers awaken to the icy air.

I found my first circle early on.  A dot of white web with a vulva shaped tear on a fallen leaf.

I decide to look for more…

Even though I can’t see it, I know that pale yellow mushroom is a full circle underneath the leaves.

A ragged circle in the trunk of a tree filled with autumn leaves

A tiny hole in a beach leaf still on the small tree looked less like a circle when I zoomed in with my iPhone.

This circle, not made by nature, but still found in the woods.  A hole to look through in the rusty metal of an old tricycle with Zinnia on the other side.

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