My Dancing With “Dancing With The Dragonflies”

Dancing With The Dragonflies

I had no trouble naming this quilt.  It came to me with the same ease that made me know I had to make it.

I thought it might be one of the quilts that I would make for Linda. But her plans changed and I’ll be making less quilts for her than I thought.  And this quilt isn’t right for the couple I will be making a quilt, this size for. That one will have solid colors and geometric patterns if any.

So Dancing With The Dragonflies will be for sale once I finish it.  It’s about 75″x90″ and will be $450 + shipping.

And I’m close to getting it done.  I completed the design of the front of it today.

That red and blue fabric on the bottom is a Colonial Revival print from the 1970s.   And did I have fun finishing off the top of the quilt.

The big red flower in the top right corner of the quilt.  And you can see another strip of that Colonial Revival fabric above the 1030s red striped brown fabric.

I was thinking about the name and how it just came to me.

My friend Emily gave me that dragonfly a few years ago.  I used some of it to make potholders, and had these last scraps for a while. That middle square came together easily, the dance came when I wanted to bring the dragonflies and the surrounding colors to an unexpected place.

And I feel like I did that, using a wide range of vintage and contemporary fabrics.

This quilt feels like dancing to me.

Not dancing alone, but in the way I have learned to Bellydance.  A collaboration, a give and take, and back and forth. And of course improv, working with what you have and moving things around to make something beautiful.

Detail with dragonflies.

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