Zip In The Woodshed

I watched through my studio window,  as Zip climbed up the wood I stacked this summer and found his way into the woodshed.  This is where Flo loved to sleep especially in the winter.

Zip like any cat finds the best and warmest places to sleep.  I imagine he’s using Flo’s old bed.

One thought on “Zip In The Woodshed

  1. Gathered info from folks who support feral cats: A waterproof box filled with straw (NOT hay) in there will provide him w/a nice, warm place to settle in; straw is great because it’s hollow, and holds heat, whereas hay gets wet- as would a cat bed or blankets. These things would then freeze, causing hypothermia. I have a large storage bin that I cut a hole in, insulated and filled with straw; it’s in a sheltered place in my yard, for the feral cats who stop by. I also have one in my garage, which does get used. Zip is a beautiful cat!

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