Milkweed Seeds

Two fluffy white seeds clung to each other in the corner of my studio. I picked them up and standing in my doorway, give them flight with my breath.

At this time of year, when everything else seems to be dying, the milkweed is spreading its seed as if it were spring.

These seed pods are so alive, the quiver and shake in the slightest breeze, hanging on till they let go.

Then they float like fluff, like huge flakes of snow, trusting the wind.

10 thoughts on “Milkweed Seeds

  1. I also learned that Monark butterflies are attracted to Milkweed. I like to let some fluff loose in the wind as I make a wish

  2. One of the most amazing things I was stunned to learn was that milkweed silk was used in making life jackets back in the 1940’s…

  3. Maria. Stunning photos. This post, to me, is a beautiful metaphor describing how we finally let go and trust. Having just lost a friend, I intend to continue to meditate on your reflection and its meaning for me. Thank you.

    1. You are so right about that Karen. I’m glad it came at a time for you where you found meaning in it that is helpful. Thanks for you message.

  4. Your gorgeous photos make me feel the softness of the milkweed fluff. I saved some pods and will plant some where I want it next spring.

  5. I love this! Since I was little I’ve loved tossing the fluff into the air and wishing while I was tossing ❤️. One of my favorite things about late fall.

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