The Place of Little Miracles

The first thing I do in the morning is let the dogs out and follow them around picking up their poop.  Fate usually bring me the frisbee. Sometimes I throw it, other times I tell her it’s pooping time, so get busy.

Many of the mornings little miracles occur behind my studio, where the giant maple and Bud rule.

This morning Asher and Suzy sat facing each other as the sun threw shadows and pale orange light through the bare branches of the apple tree.

I felt as if I got to peer into their world a bit.  To see them as they are with each other without my presence to distract.

2 thoughts on “The Place of Little Miracles

  1. The bottom photo looks like an English landscape painting and reminds me of quiet hours with the European painters at the Cincinnati Art museum where I first fell in love with art and art museums.

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