Zip In The Hen House Again….

I caught Zip going into the hen house this morning.  He disappeared inside quickly, but when I called to him, he slowly emerged, taking his time.

Then he hung out in the doorway, scratching his ears on the door…

…as if he belonged there as much as the hens.

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4 thoughts on “Zip In The Hen House Again….

  1. I love to see how happy Zip is. He has such a wonderful life on your farm. You and Jon are very loving caregivers to all those delightful animals.

  2. What a fun series of photos. Like a thief slowly emerging and checking to see who might be around to observe him. He looks and acts so much like a tuxedo cat I lived with (I’ve never “owned” a cat-they would never tolerate that).
    It’s as though I can still feel her sleek, smooth coat as she passed by me en route to the next adventure. Wonderful memories.

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