Two Quilts and Two Pillows For Linda

Secret Garden Pillows

Two Secret Garden Pillows and a Secret Garden Quilt.  When I sewed the last stitch on the last pillow, I brought the two quilts and two pillows  that I made for Linda into the house.  I laid the quilts on the guest bed and went over each one with a lint brush, gathering and clipping the loose and hanging threads.

Secret Garden laid out on the guest bed before being inspected and folded up

I fold them as I go and end up with a rolled quilt small enough to fit into a  20x16x10 inch box.  But this time  the two quilts will go in one bigger box and the two pillows in another.


It feels good to have these all done and ready to be mailed to Linda in plenty of time for Christmas.

Now I get to start thinking about what I will work on next.  I do have some ideas.  A Spirit Owl quilt and a new fabric painting, My Truth that I’ve been thinking about for some time.

I’m not sure which I’ll start first.  But I’m looking forward to getting into my studio and finding out.

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