Panther-Zip Out My Window

Zip in Monday’s snow.

I’m sitting at my computer in my studio.  I see something out of the corner of my eye.  It’s black,  hanging on the fence just above the rocks I laid out yesterday. I squint my eyes and make out the classic silhouette of a cat.

It’s not on the fence at all, but behind it.

It’s Zip, so still, surveying the tall grasses that are our front lawn.  All kinds of small animals live in it.  I’ve seen the bunnies and the bumped up earth of mole trails.

Slowly Zip walks thought the grasses, a panther in the jungle.  Even without my glasses I can see his swagger.

This is what inspires Bud to dig his holes I think.  Zip taunts him by being so still, a perfect target  that disappears as soon as Bud had dug his hole and slips under the fence.

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