The Vermont Fiber Mill Is Being Sold

I found out this week that The Vermont Fiber Mill is being sold.  Deb and Ed, the owners are retiring, they’re looking forward to doing some traveling.

I’ve been bringing by wool to Deb since I got my first three sheep, Suzy, Socks and Tess over ten years ago.  I had no idea what I was doing and Deb was always helpful.  Over the years I’d look forward to to discussing with Deb different ways of processing my wool.

Our trip four times a year to Brandon has become a kind of ritual for me and Jon.  We’d catch up with Deb then have lunch at Cafe Provence, and enjoy the three hour ride through Vermont.

I’ll miss working with Deb.  It meant a lot to me to be able to trust my wool to her.

It’s possible the Vermont Fiber Mill will be sold to someone who will keep it going right where it is.   But that doesn’t mean it will be up and running in time to process my spring wool.  It’s also possible that someone will just buy the machinery and move it someplace else.

But I learned a lot over the past ten years.  So now, when I search for another mill, at least  I have experience. I’ll know what questions to ask and what to look for.

I’m sad about the Vermont Fiber Mill being sold, but I am also happy for Deb and Ed to be moving on.  And I’m confident that there is another wool processing mill out there that I’ll be able to work well with.

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  1. Oh, my — end of an era! I certainly wish Deb & Ed a wonderful retirement and hope the right someone takes over and continues the Vermont Fiber Mill. If not, your quest for another mill will be an interesting journey. Love the stories of each of your sheep and the photos of the beautiful yarn from each one’s wool. And looking forward to dryer balls next year!

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