A Beautiful Mess


Our dining room table is long.  Jon and I sit at the end near the wood stove and the rest of the table gets loaded down with stuff.

Every few weeks, when it’s such a mess I can’t stand it anymore,  I clean it up.  But it never stays that way.  It’s too big a surface to leave empty for long.

Right now the stuff is beginning to pile up again.  But when the sun comes in the back door and lights the table up in the morning, and all the colors glow, the table with all its mess can actually look beautiful.

I took this picture through the back door.  A jumble of reflections, color, light and stuff.

4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess

  1. This is so me. Any flat surface in my house will soon be filled with a variety of things. Until like you, I finally clean it off.

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