First Egg

We got our first post-molting egg today.  I think of it as a winter egg even if it isn’t officially winter,  it’s cold enough to feel like it.

It was a small egg, and as delicious as I’d imagined it would be.  The first hard boiled egg I’ve had since the hens stopped laying a couple of months ago.

I’m so spoiled, I don’t want to eat a hard boiled egg unless it’s fresh.  So I’ve been scrambling the eggs I get from the Co-op and Grocery store.

I don’t expect the eggs to come as regularly as they do in the warmer weather, but now I’ll be hopeful for an egg every morning.

What a delight!

Today’s Egg in the nesting box in the hen house

2 thoughts on “First Egg

  1. Kudos to whichever of the Imperious Hens went first after molt! Your big girls are beautiful and what a wonderful life they have at Bedlam Farm!

    I never tire of finding fresh eggs in our nest boxes, such a gift; the chickens are truly “pets with benefits” and such fun to watch & feed treats. We are truly spoiled, no more supermarket eggs – we’d rather do without!

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