Working On “My Truth Has Wings”

I posted the video of me making my new fabric painting “My Truth Has Wings” yesterday.  But I wanted to show the process in pictures.

Above is the part that I  cut off an old quilt which is the ground for the piece.

I removed one of the appliqué flowers, cut the quilt and resewed the red border on the top and side.

Then I stitched the words “My truth” using my free motion sewing machine.

Today I laid out the wings which are made from scraps that Karen send me.  From the same batch of fabric scraps that I made the feathers on my Heron fabric painting.

I basted the feathers down then sewed them, again using my free-motion sewing machine.

Below is as far as I got today.  My plan is to use the appliqué from another quilt that I’ll sew on the stem and leaves of the flower, to make them more visible.

Not sure what happens after that.


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