Soaking Up The Sun


Fanny, Lulu and Lori

When the sun comes out this time of year, the donkeys and sheep position themselves in the same direction as our Solar panels.

Fanny and Lulu’s winter coats which have been growing in since September, hold the warmth between the hairs.  I can actually warm my hands on them.

The barn radiates the suns heat warming the animals like it does spring flowers that grow on the south side of the house.

2 thoughts on “Soaking Up The Sun

  1. Maria,
    I love this photo. So much vibrancy, tenderness, softness. Something new (the window you did), something old (the barn), something other worldly (shadows and animals so beautiful I felt I could touch them).

    A Haiku for you and the life of the photo

    I see you, says the
    …animals; I say yes, sweet
    ones, floating freely❣️

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