Zip Note Cards Coming Soon

Zip In The Snow Photo by Jon Katz

I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but today I gathered and send off three photos of Zip to be made into note cards.  Two of the photos were taken by Jon and one by me.  There’s Zip in the snow, Zip on Under the Apple Tree and Zip in the Hen House.

The cards will be 5 1/2″ x 4 1/4 “.  There will be two of each image to make a pack of six cards.  The pack will be $25 including shipping.

Brad from A&M Printers (we are fortunate to have a printer in town) sent me back the proofs today.  I expect to have the cards sometime after Christmas.

Here are the two other photos for the cards….

Zip Under the Apple Tree, By Jon

Zip In the Hen House

10 thoughts on “Zip Note Cards Coming Soon

  1. Can’t wait! The minute you started posting pics of this guy I was waiting for these. Have a restorative & magical holiday, Maria – thanks for all you create & share.

  2. I must reserve a set of these wonderful cards!! So pleased that you are doing this. I’m a big fan of Zip, and I have a feeling his fan club is growing quickly. That white marking on his face is so endearing

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