Snowy Sunday


It’s still snowing here. Started sometime this morning but we only have about six inches so far.  It will be dark soon and I might go out one more time to shovel.  Or maybe not.

Asher and Suzy up front and Lori, Merricat and Robin behind them.

The sheep and donkeys  spent most of the day in the barn, except to come out to eat and drink.  Not that it bothers the sheep to have a layer of snow on their fleece.  They don’t feel it at all.  But the donkeys are more sensitive to getting wet.

The hens didn’t come out at all.

Fanny and Lulu

2 thoughts on “Snowy Sunday

  1. as I scrolled through your lovely photos and commentary I was moved by this one…looking like a Christmas card…”away in a manger” came to mind…thank you for the reminder that everyday can be Christmas in some way or other.

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