Zip Is A Snow Cat

Zip was perched on top of the wicker chair on the back porch this morning when I got up.  But he wasn’t interesting in coming in the house, he was hunting.

It’s clear now that Zip is a snow cat.

I watched as he pounced on a mole under the bird feeder.  It took about a minute for him to hear the mole under the snow and catch it.   I watched as he dug in the snow then ran off with it in his mouth to the barn.

Zip before he pounced on the mole under the bird feeder

I have a feeling he’s been doing a lot of hunting today because he left the mole on the floor of the barn near the pail where we keep his food.

It’s the first “gift” he’s left us.

Zip at his post under the raised garden and Fate at the gate

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