4 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning From Bedlam Farm 1/15/24

  1. Cats are so trainable. I have the three and when I take out their little bag of snacks they won’t line up in their own certain little area next to me so that no one can steal from the others. What kind of cat food do you buy? I’ve been getting Purina One chicken but I’m thinking about changing

    1. I’d love to see that Theresa! I’ve haven’t tried to train cats to do much, but have found that with repetition I have been able to keep them off the table when we are eating outside and things like that.

  2. Checking in on your leaf bags around the school house. Did they help with your insulation issue?

    We have a similar issue on the north side of our home. The bathroom pipes weren’t properly insulated. Living in Texas this usually isn’t a problem unless the temperatures drop to 20 degrees or less for consecutive days like right now! I took your idea but with a twist. We purchased inexpensive pine mulch bags. Then used thick garden trash bags to protect each mulch bag as the plastic on the mulch bags is realllly thin. Down went the first row then added a second on top using approximately 20 bags. Once the cold weather has left us we’ll move the bags to a safe area and reuse next year swapping out new trash bags when necessary. My only concern would be rats or squirrels chewing and nesting.

    You have more surface area to cover and leaves are free so our idea may not be cost worthy for you.

    Please let me know how it’s worked for you. So glad to have seen your idea to leapfrog to our solution!

    1. Cindy, I can feel the difference in my studio. It’s just getting winter cold her now, but today even without the sun shining my floor doesn’t feel as cold to me. And I don’t seem to have anymore making nests in the bags or with the leaves. Not yet anyway. Good luck with yours. It’s more important because you have to worry about freezing pipes. I can alway put on another pair of sock. Hope it warms up by you soon!

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