This Time Of Day

Zip on his hay bales this morning.

I spend the morning packing up Potholders and Zip Notecards for tomorrow’s mail.

I have plans for a new potholder, but I won’t be working on them until tomorrow.  And I also want to get started on my Spirit Owl quilt this week.  I’ve been thinking about it long enough, it’s calling to be made.

Now the sun is high on the hill across the road.

This time of day it streams through the window near my blogging chair in the corner of the living room.  It lights up my snail bowl and I am forever distracted by the refracted light and glowing shells of the snails.

Is it Fanny or Lulu letting out long agonized brays?  Fate, who is laying at my feet, has been emitting  a short whine every few minutes.  I look at the clock on the top of my computer screen but don’t really have to.

The animals know when it’s time to eat.

By the time I get back the rays from the sun will be stretching  over the top of the hill, the snail tank will revert to its even gray light.

And I will take a deep breath from the bottom of my belly, giving the day over to night.

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