Fate, A Part Of Me

Sometimes I think I take Fate for granted.  I just expect her to be there and she always is.  We don’t do a lot of cuddling and she rarely seems to need affection from me.  And even when we are together, we are often doing our thing.

In the barn yard she is all about the sheep.  In my studio she curls up in her little bed and sleeps while I work.  When we walk in the woods she is alway in sight, but only close by when I linger for a while in one place.

In the house she finds a comfortable place to sleep, always in the living room, and I won’t see or hear  her unless someone comes to the house (she’s good at barking, but loves people too much to be a good watchdog) or it’s time for us to go to work.

I don’t know how Fate feels about it, but I have become so used to her being there, it’s like we are a part of each other.

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