“Spirit Owl” Quilt, Humming Along

Work on my Spirit Owl quilt hummed along today.  I could do no wrong as each piece of fabric fell into place.

I let go of thinking and let feeling take over.  I looked softly from the corner of my eye and didn’t linegr or second guess.

The owls that I cut from the fabric yesterday found their way in the quiet and seclusion of their own woods.

I have two more owls to work on then I’ll figure out what to do next.

8 thoughts on ““Spirit Owl” Quilt, Humming Along

  1. These owls look very happy in their woods.
    I find the fabrics very interesting. The slightly faded aspect of many of the pieces makes them take on the aura of all the seasons, in my mind. The ones with the larger green leaves have a yellow background – Spring and late Summer to Fall colors.

  2. This is going to be gorgeous! I often see the owl as representative of our wise inner self. How lovely it will be for the person who buys this quilt to take cover and comfort under the quilt as a safe haven to gently be with all aspects of themself and come out renewed and refreshed.

    1. Wise inner self is just right Barb! I’ll have to look up owl in your book. Right now I’m not thinking about it too much, just working on it. 🙂

  3. Maria – wow – so beautiful. Intense owl surrounded by softening flora.
    It already has a life of it’s own.

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