Lulu’s Icy Whiskers

It was below zero when I went out to feed the animals this morning.  Fanny and Lulu’s whiskers were beaded with ice, but their shaggy coats were already warm from the sun.

These coldest of days come with bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Lulu’s Icy Whiskers

  1. How delightful! One of my favorite things about being around horses has been the joy of “mooshing noses” as my best friend (and fellow equine enthusiast) calls it, for those horses and mules who enjoy it. their muzzles are so soft and expressive! Your donkeys have such wonderful noses, so photogenic; do they like affectionate nose-mooshes?

    1. They don’t really Linda. I keep trying though, their noses are so soft and expressive. But it’s rare if either donkey will let me get too close with my own face. I need to use more treats I think!

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