“Winter Flowers” The Birds Outside The Window. Hanging A New Bird Feeder

The Northern Flicker and sparrow at the feeder by my studio

Any birds? Jon texted.  Not now, I texted back,  I’ll let you know when

The problem is that when the birds come, by the time Jon gets to my studio they have either left or he scares them away by opening my studio door.

They do of course come back again, but then Jon has to wait around while I’m working and my work tables are in front of the windows where the bird feeder is.

One day he sat in my studio taking pictures of the birds when I wasn’t there.  There was something sweet about that, about him doing his working in my studio.  It’s never happened before.

But mostly I’m working when the birds are there.

So yesterday I bought a long narrow bird feeder and told Jon I’d hang it in the south facing living room window.  That way, he could set up his tripod by the window, and sit comfortably in a chair waiting for the birds to come.

I always think of the birds at my feeder as Winter’s Flowers.

They bring color and life to the landscape out my studio window when the tress, grasses and flowers are resting.

In a way it works the same as Jon’s raised flower beds.

I was going to hang the feeder today, but if it doesn’t warm up I’ll wait until tomorrow.  I’ll take the screen off the storm window and clean the windows so Jon will have a clear view.  I’ll hang  suet also, to attract the woodpeckers and maybe that Northern Flicker that comes to my feeder.

One of the things that I’ve learned about creativity is that there is always another idea. But I have act on them.  It’s only when I bring an idea into the physical world that it leads to another and another.

When Jon was concerned at the end of the summer that he wouldn’t be able to take pictures of his flowers anymore (He loves so much sharing them with the people on his blog and they love seeing them), I knew he’d come up with his own “winter flower”.

Because one of the things I’ve loved about Jon, from the time I first met him, was that he always has another creative idea.

And he’s done it again, this time with the birds right outside the window.


8 thoughts on ““Winter Flowers” The Birds Outside The Window. Hanging A New Bird Feeder

  1. Maria, you are just the dearest, most thoughtful person! Everyone with a “significant other” would love to have someone who cares like you do! Following both your blog and Jon’s lets me know how wonderful, and deserving, your partnership is.

    1. Well I try to be Linda. It is an important part of our relationship. Jon’s support of my and what I wanted for myself when we first got together was essential to who I am now.I’d never had it before, but now I know what it feels like and believe more in myself because of it.

  2. I love that you call the birds your winter flowers! I scatter seed on the deck each morning. Every morning when I open the blinds I say, “good morning bird friends.” They bring me so much joy. Just got back in from filling the feeders next to my studio. No small feat since we’ve had about 20 inches of snow. But they are worth it.

    1. Oh all that snow! Hard getting around for sure, but I’m thinking good snow shoeing! :) I can picture you opening your blind and talking to the birds.

    1. Sharon, I was just saying to Jon that support of a partner is so important yet never thought of it as something to look for in a person when I was young. Now I know the true value it.

  3. That is such a GREAT photo of the flicker being still and the sparrow in motion!
    I’ve only ever seen a Northern flicker once, downhill from my apartment, nearer the reservoir , not at my 3rd floor sill where I provide a spread for sparrows, chickadees, nuthatch, finches, titmouse, blue jays, pigeons, starlings, and the red-breasted and downy woodpeckers. They provide both entertainment, connection with nature, and a much better “alarm” sound than any electronic device.
    And yes, collaborative support is so essential!

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