Claudia, The Artist At The Mansion

Claudia and her art

Some of the people who come to my art class at The Mansion are regulars.  I can always count on them being there.  But no one has come to my classes as consistently and for as long as Claudia.

I’ve known Claudia for at least six years, and I’ve seen her art change in that time.  It was last month that I noticed how adept she is at creating abstract art.

She seems to have an innate understanding of line, shape and color.

Claudia seems less intimidated by working abstractly, more certain of what she is doing.   She doesn’t hesitate the way I’ve seen her do when making representational drawings.  In the past years I’ve seen her drawing get smaller and smaller on the page.

But when working abstractly, her intuition kicks in and  she cares less about  the instructions I’m giving and lets her work go in the direction she wants to take it.  It looks to me like she enters that creative zone where the work takes over and tells the artist what to do.

The results are expressive, beautifully composed and confident.

I’ve always known that Claudia was creative, but now I see the artist in her.  She isn’t just coloring or copying, she’s creating her own art and evolving as an artist.

Jon was there today taking pictures and observing the class.  You can see his photos and read about it on his blog. Just click here. 

Claudia working on her drawing. Photo by Jon Katz

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