The Moon, The Wind, and The Tin Man

Moon Sculpture by Ed Gulley is hanging by my studio door.

Just back from a walk in the woods, I called the dogs in from the barnyard and closed the gate.  I was ready to get warm, but as I walked back to the house, I heard the chimes.

I stopped to look at the wind chime made from a bicycle wheel,  a frying pan and parts of a milking machine.

It made the slightest sound, just a tinkle really, the old teat cups just glancing the frying pan one at a time, at if they were taking turns.

Ed’s Wind Chime

The dried hydrangea flowers on the bush next to the wind chime didn’t flutter, the branches of the lilac were still.  So what was making the wind chime sing?

“Hi Ed” I said, as I always do when the chimes ping.  But I knew it was more than just hello.

The past few days, since the snow, I’ve been taking pictures of Eds sculpture that we have on the farm.  I’ve been meaning to post them but haven’t yet.

I can take a hint.

So here they are, not all of them, but the ones I got good pictures of so far.

The head of Ed’s Tin Man in Jon’s raised flower bed peeking out from the snow

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