My Spirit Owl Quilt


Kaaren wrote to me that the owl is “the bird for those born in January.”   And Barb said she sees the owl “as the representative of our wise inner self.”

Maybe I waited to make the quilt that I’d been thinking about for so long until January because it is the month I was born in.  And perhaps the owl is reminding me that it is time to actively seek my inner wisdom.

I think of the owl that followed me and dogs in the woods last year.  How she waited in the trees and watched us as we walked. Sometimes flying along with us.

I wasn’t ready for her then. But I haven’t forgotten her.  And making the quilt now, just a few days away from my 60th birthday, I think I need to explore her message more closely.

I think I am ready for it.

I finished designing my Spirit Owl quilt today.  It didn’t need much more, a thin solid border then more of that wonderful leafy fabric.

I have a list of a few people who are interested in it.

8 thoughts on “My Spirit Owl Quilt

  1. Will be interesting to see where your thoughts take you with all this and your impending 60th. I couldn’t wait to turn 60 six months ago and it feels good. The quilt is so beautiful.

  2. I am really taken with this quilt. I love the colors, and the composition and borders. Do you mind if I take a picture of it to use for inspiration on a new quilt? If so, I will just try to imprint in my mind.

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