Backing and Tacking My “Spirit Owl” Quilt

ironing the backing for my Spirit Owl Quilt

First thing I did when I got into my studio this morning was sweep and dust mop my floor.   Once it was clean, I piled up all the fabric that was on the floor and ironing board onto my work table making space to work in  the backing for my Spirit Owl quilt.

Then I cleared my mind and took my focus from my thinking brain to my feeling brain. In this way I moved around my studio looking at the fabric on my selves allowing the backing that I’d use for my quilt to speak to me.

And it did.  When I pulled the yellow ribbed fabric off the top shelf I smiled.  It was just right.

It doesn’t always happen this quickly. Sometime I have to try a few combinations or I get it wrong  a couple of times until I get it right.

I was shy a sliver at the bottom which makes it even more fun.  It was easy to choose a piece of the big leafed fabric that I used on the front of the quilt to fill the gap.

Here is the front of the quilt laying face to face with he back of the quilt.  I trimmed them both to the same size then pinned the batting on and sewed it all together.

After it’s turned right side out, I iron the edges.  Fate as usual, slept though the whole thing, in her little red bed.

I chose a few different colors of yarn to use for tacking and alternated them.  Where the brown year dips is where I moved the knot to avoid tying it though the image of one of the owls.

I got close, but didn’t quite finish tacking my quilt today.  I’ll have it all done tomorrow.

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