My Spirit Owl Quilt, All Done

Spirit Owl Quilt

Owl encourages you to trust your inner knowing as you evolve and expand into an upgraded version of you” Barbara Techel  Animal Reflecttions Healing Oracle

When I think of the owl that showed up in the woods this past summer when I walked with the dogs, I see it as if it were occupying a space that was separate from us.

Maybe it was the owl’s wildness that separated us.  Yet now when I think of it, when I picture it, I see it as if it was visiting from another dimension. As if it was veiled in a scrim, like the owls in my quilt.

Somehow the significance the owl still eludes me.  The closest I’ve come to discover its meaning is in Barb’s words about trusting our inner knowing and evolving.

But I feel like I’m still working on it though, that there is more here for me.

I began by making potholders with the Owl fabric that Nancy sent me.  When I first got the fabric I wondered how I would make it work, all that pale gray and white.

But then it came to me, how it fit so perfectly in the greens and browns of  the forest fabrics.

I made it into potholders first then the quilt.   And it seems I’m not done. I had one square that didn’t fit into the quilt so I’ll make it into a pillow.  Maybe I’ll make more than one.

I’ll see how far I can take it, how far it wants to go.

I have a list of five people who asked about my Spirit Owl Quilt.  I’m waiting to hear back from the first person on that list.

The back of  Spirit Owl Quilt

12 thoughts on “My Spirit Owl Quilt, All Done

  1. This really turned out so lovely! Animal messages can have several meanings and also come in layers, or at times, we just know. Or it takes time for the meaning to present itself. That is the beauty of the mystery, right? I’m reading Ted Andrews, Animal-Wise book right now and finding nuggets of wisdom.

    1. It is the “beauty of the mystery” Barb. And the mystery is so important especially in creative work. Leaving that space for the unknown to happen.

  2. Through my eyes, this quilt feels very different from what I perceive as your “style”, although I don’t know that’s the right word.
    This feels quiet and soft, like deep in the woods away from people and ordinary life.
    What a wonderful quilt for whoever it will be going to.
    I love that you’re open to doing more with the owls.

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