Visiting Nobletown Fiber Works

Jon and I are off to Nobletown Fiber Works in Hillsdale NY.

They are our neighbor in a way, just an hour and a half south on NY Route 22.  I’m curious to meet Lew who owns mill and see his set up.

I know there will be some changes to my yarn that will come from working with a new fiber mill, but instead of being anxious about it like I was when I first heard that The Vermont Fiber Mill was up for sale, I’m excited to see what those changes will be.

And I’m glad to have you all along for the ride.

We’ve been doing things pretty much the same over the past ten years of my keeping sheep and selling wool.  The changes I’ve made like dying my wool and combining the different types of wool and making dryer balls have all been creative and for the better.

Now I’ll have to put aside my expectations, let go a bit, and see what comes.

There are some things I hope to learn today about the wool processing, one being the pricing.  But I know that working with Nobletown, I’ll be able to get the 3ply yarn on 200 yard skeins and have my roving processed in the same way.

I’ll take some pictures and let you know how it goes.  I’m eager to what happens today.

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