Donkey Time

Asher, Merricat, Constance, Robin and Lori and Kim behind them.

I wasn’t going to let the day go by without a walk.  It was just too spring-like not be out in it.

But after a morning of  Jon having his foot surgery  and then me doing paper work and shipping, Jon suggested we sit outside for a while.  I couldn’t resist, not even for a walk.

Jon and Zip

Before I even sat down under the apple tree next to Jon, Zip was in his lap.  The hens pecked through the fallow Dahlia garden, the feathers on their tails swirling in the light breeze, catching the sunlight.

Fanny and Lulu were laying down next to each other and the sheep lazily chewed their cud soaking up the sun.

The animals handle the cold well, but days on end with little sun makes them irritable.

Today I could feel their calm. And I wanted some of it.

So I left Jon and Zip and joined the sheep and donkeys in the barnyard.  I wrapped my arms around Fanny’s neck and scratched her under the chin.  That place where so many four legged animals have a hard time reaching on their own.

The side of her that was facing the sun was warm, her winter coat snuggly.  Her other side was cool and I though of how the same thing happens when we humans sit around a fire.  It didn’t take Lulu long to nudge me on my shoulder.

So I crouched down between them, now scratching them both at the same time.  Their heads dropped and their bottom lip quivered.  I closed my eyes and lowered my head too.

For a little while I was living in donkey time.

The only way I can describe it is a quick and deep meditation in the company of donkeys.  It was as if they sucked me into their peaceful moment. I thanked them for sharing it with me.

It lasted long after I left them.

Fanny and Lulu

4 thoughts on “Donkey Time

  1. I love the idea of living in donkey time! All living creatures do have their own rhythm of time, and a unique feel of space I think. I like the way my perception of myself changes when I am with an animal.

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