Warm February Days

We got another egg today. This one wasn’t as clean as some, it came with a garnish of chicken poop.

These long, warm February days invite the hens to lay eggs.  I’m checking their coop daily again.

It’s light by 6:30 and I’m waking up earlier too.   There’s a Mary Oliver poem called To Begin With, The Sweet Grass.  In it she writes…

“One thing leads to another.
Soon you will notice how stones shine underfoot.
Eventually tides will be the only calendar you believe in.”

When you invite the natural world into your life it begins to take over. Like an untended field, we become a little more wild. Our bodies respond less to human constructs and more the rhythms of the earth.

Zinnia and Bud in my studio doorway

When I first got to my studio this morning it was so cold I had to turn my heat on.   But an hour later, I had the door open letting the warmth in.

Early in the evening, after feeding the animals, Jon and I sat outside again.  The wind was soft and the air warm.  We watched a flock of migrating Blackbirds and Starlings fly back and forth from the trees on the edge of the pasture to the maples that tower over my studio.

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